Cargo and carrier will meet each other

We understand how crucial it is for the business to ship the cargo in time and how hard it is to find a carrier who doesn’t overcharge for a half-empty truck.

So we came up with the solution that benefits both suppliers and truck owners: with the help of Cargo.Trading anyone can find truck space for anything that needs to be shipped from A to B and carriers can make money completing small handy bookings.

We are passionate about service quality and put all our knowledge and hard work towards delivering the best experience for our users.

Who is it for? Transfer and logistics companies, brokers, individual truck owners — basically everyone in the shipment business
What do we offer?
Show cargo owners a variety of available trucks
Help place shipment orders and track carriers in realtime
Offer transporters access to a variety of shipment orders
Provide instant connection between carriers and supply agents
Open transporters to thousands of suppliers in Russia and CIS
Why is it better than any other carrier platform?
We support partial load shipments — no need to book an entire truck for a small cargo, and no need to drive half-empty vehicles — everyone benefits.
Cargo.Trading allows truck owners to reduce financial losses caused by standing time, expand client base and increase profitability.
Suppliers gain access to the structured information on vehicle availability, reduce shipment time and additional costs.