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IRU’s take on EU exit road map
The European Union has set out its road map for lifting the current COVID-19 restrictions across Europe and progressively reopening certain sectors. IRU welcomes the road map’s call for a coordinated approach in lifting the current containment measures and its recognition of the importance of cross-border transport systems to enabling the free movement of people, goods and services. This stance is vital given the lack of Member States’ coordination has been a fundamental difficulty in setting up and managing restrictions and border control so far.
19:10, 21 april 2020
The CHED-PP Certificate
The main objective of the Common Health Entry Document for Plants, Plant Products and Plant propagating material (CHED PP) is to allow operators to give prior notifications of those consignment to the competent authorities of border control post of arrival, and allow those authorities to record the outcome of official controls and the decision on the consignment.
19:10, 14 december 2019
Additional bans on the movement of goods vehicles in 2020
The decree of December 9, 2019 relating to the additional bans on the movement of goods transport vehicles for 2020 has just been published in the Official Journal of December 12, 2019
19:10, 12 december 2019