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Cargo.Trading is an open online marketplace that connects cargo owners and verified carriers. It is the safest platform for finding transport services on the internet. You are always welcome to ask a potential supplier or carrier questions and read reviews from other participants

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Click ‘Add Cargo’ button
Provide basic cargo parameters: the more information you give, the easier it will be for the carrier to find your order
Specify desired shipping cost and special requests
Select a TSW (temporary storage warehouse) — we added this option so that you could choose carriers heading in the same direction and reduce both delivery time and the cost of the TSW
When the application is completed, place it, and the carriers will start contacting you
Choose a suitable carrier
Delete the application or put in on hold not to confuse the carriers who might want to get the order. If you forget to do this, the application will be removed automatically in five days past cargo receiving date that you have specified
Leave carrier a review — it will help other users make the right choice in the future

In order to help you make an informed decision, we have created a public profile for each registered user — it contains experience, customer reviews, ratings, full service history and more. We strongly recommend studying this information before contacting the carrier you are considering.