In Austria, toll rates will rise from January 1, 2020.

According to Asfinag, the manager of Austrian motorways, new, higher rates of tolls will operate in Austria next year. Changes are also being made regarding trucks that comply with the Euro-6 standard.

According to Asfinag, from January 1, 2020, the size of Austrian road tolls will be adjusted for inflation. The basic tariff will increase there by 2.1%. Adjustment of fees for trucks, with RMM in excess of 3.5 tons, is based on the consumer price indicator for 2018.

According to the Austrian highway manager, Euro-6 trucks will continue to be covered by a discount. Emissionless cars - electric or hydrogen - will be subject to "significantly reduced" rates. The toll system " is designed to “continue to give preference to the most environmentally friendly trucks."

As in Germany, the Austrian toll consists of three components:

- base rate depending on the number of axles,

- external costs associated with air pollution in connection with transport (according to the number of axles and emission class of the euro),

- external costs associated with noise pollution (by the number of axles and time of day).

From the beginning of 2020, Euro-6 vehicles will fully cover external costs associated with air pollution. From the beginning to the end of 2019, only a part of such expenses (40%) is charged on these trucks.

According to Asfinag, toll revenues will continue to be invested in the operation, construction, maintenance and safety of Austrian expressways and motorways.